DTfox: Furry Artist

Wild Zangoose
Lynn the Vixen
Vulpix and Umbreon
Foxy Aurora
Espeon and Vulpix
Jolteon and Eevee
Wolf girl Roxanne
Vulpix and Umbreon
Fluffy Tina
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Meet DTfox

Welcome to my website! I am DTfox. I'm a Canadian artist dedicated to making artwork of furry anthropomorphic animals. I began my artistic endeavors in 2005 and have been continually improving my skill since then.

My preferred subjects are furry vixens ("furry" is commonly used to refer to anthropomorphic animals with fur), but I also enjoy drawing wolves, cats and other furry animals. So in my art gallery you'll find fox girls, wolf girls, furry pokemon girls and a couple of males (those are mostly pictures of my fursona).

If you're looking to get artwork of your furry characters as a high resolution digital painting I'll be happy to help. Learn more about commissioning art.

If you'd like a poster with some of my original art on it you should check out the prints I have for sale.