DTfox: Furry Artist

Commission Artwork


All prices are in US dollars.

Example of a sketch


Each character $5.00
Example of line art

Line art

Each character $20.00
Example of cel-shaded art


Each character $30.00
Add a background +$20.00
Example of realistic shading

Realistic shading

Each character $60.00
Add a background +$20.00

Request a commission

Very important! I can't get back to you if you don't provide this.

Describe characters, poses, camera angles and other details about the picture. Include links to reference pictures if possible.


I only accept payments through Paypal, so make sure you have this in mind before commissioning me.

Do not send payments until I have requested them, it may be the case that I cannot work on your commission. I also need to make sure the prices and fees are correct.


Fill in the "Request a commission" form above, or send me a note on deviantART, with a description of what you would like me to draw.

Make sure your description is very clear. The following are some of the things you could include in your description.

  • Reference images of the characters or a detailed description of them.
  • Poses for the characters
  • Camera angle: Are we looking at the character from above, in front, from a side?
  • Light sources: This is optional but you might want a particular lighting, for example "a bright light behind the character" or "a red sunset coming from the right".
  • If you ask for a background:
    • What elements are in it? For example: trees, hills, houses, a bed.
    • Don't forget forground elements. Is there something in front of the character?
    • Environmental factors: What is the weather and time of day? For interior settings are there windows in the room?

When I begin working on your commission I will request the first payment.

  1. If you commissioned a sketch then the payment will be the full price of the commission.
  2. If you commissioned any other style of art the payment will be 50% of the full price.

Once the sketch is completed I will send it to you for review. During this phase I will continue sending updates of the sketch until you are satisfied with it. Making changes outside of the sketch phase is very difficult, so be sure that you look at it carefully before approving.

After you have given approval I'll move on to the next phases: Lineart, coloring, shading and background. These are done according to your initial description, so please remember that the initial description is very important.

Once I have finished the painting I will make a small watermarked copy of the painting online and I will request the second payment, which amounts to the remaining 50% of the cost.

The full-sized image will be sent to your e-mail address once I have received the second payment.