DTfox: Furry Art

Welcome to DTfox's online art gallery! I'm a furry artist which in general means I draw animals with human features. I've been publishing my artwork online since 2008 but was drawing since long before. I am most active on DeviantART, so be sure to check out my gallery there.

I draw a variety of different things, though almost always under the furry category. Among my gallery you'll find sexy fox girls and wolf girls, videogame characters like Krystal and Renamon, sexy Pokémon such as Ninetales and Zangoose and cute Pokémon such as Umbreon, Espeon, Vulpix and Glaceon. I also draw anime-style girls occasionally.

I don't just draw, I can also animate. If you want to see furry girls and Pokémon come to life on your screen, check out my animations gallery.

If you want to know more, be sure to contact me.

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Moonlight Beauty

An animation of an anthropomorphic catgirl licking her paw

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